Forest & Plantation

Assessing and Monitoring the Impact of Deforestation, Forest and Plantation Degradation and Rehabilitation on Carbon Sequestration and Hydrology in South Asia

1. Research Idea

Implementation of policies that are intended to reduce emissions from deforestation, and to estimate sequestration of carbon due to forests, depends on accurate and precise estimates of emissions averted. Remote sensing in combination with ground based work can help monitor forest systems at sub-national scales to complement global efforts but much further ground based work is urgently required. Land use change is related to hydro-climate and hydrology has to be considered alongside.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the proposed collaboration are to:
[1] Compile fine scale multi-decadal database of forest inventories, satellite imagery, and hydro-climatic histories,

[2] Undertake pilot projects to understand impacts of deforestation, forest and land degradation for key forest types in South Asia.

[3] Inventory carbon stocks under forest and land degradation or rehabilitation in time and use it as ground-truth to refine methodologies for remote estimation of carbon stock and its variability.

[4] Quantify hydrological change due to land use change and its interrelationship carbon sequestration.

[5] Develop capacity in partner institutions, and communicate results especially to national policy makers.