Publications Tabs content for TCG – Extracted from the CVs of SL Dengue Proposal Candidates

Dr. (Ms) Pahalagedera Hewayalage Dona Kusumawathie
Publications -Most relevant

1. Kusumawathie, P. H. D., Jayakody, G., Samarasinghe, K. A. S. (2013). Prevention and Control of Dengue Epidemics Through Application of Evidence Based Dengue Alerts and Vector Control Interventions. Paper presented at the International Conference on Public Health Innovations, 2-4 May, 2013, Sri Lanka.

2. Kusumawathie, P.H.D., J. Gunatilake (2009). Use of Geographical Information System (GIS) And Global Positioning System (GPS) for Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Control In Sri Lanka. Dengue Bulletin, vol 33: pp 11-20.

3. Kusumawathie, P.H.D.,Siyambalagoda, R.R.M.L.R. (2005). Distribution and Breeding Sites of Potential Dengue Vectors in Kandy and Nuwara Eliya Districts Of Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Journal of Medical Science, 48 (2): 43-52.

4. Kusumawathie, P.H.D. (2005). Larval Infestation of Aedes Aegypti and Ae. Albopictus In Six Types Of Institutions in a Dengue Transmission Area In Kandy, Sri Lanka. Dengue Bulletin, 29: 165 – 168.

5. Kusumawathie PHD.,Fernando.W.P. (2003). Breeding Habitats of Aedes Aegypti Linnaeus and Ae.Albopictus Skuse in a Dengue Transmission Area In Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Journal of Medical Science 46: 51-60.

Other Publications

1. Kusumawathie P.H.D., Fernando, W.P. (2002). Anopheles Maculatus (Theobald) and Anopheles Elegans (James) Breeding in Water Storage Containers In Kandy, Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Journal of Medical Science, 45: 71-76.

2. Kusumawathie, P.H.D., Wickremasinghe, A.R., Karunaweera, N.D. and Wijeyaratne, M.J.S. (2006). Anopheline Breeding in River Bed Pools Below Major Dams in Sri Lanka. ACTA Tropica 99 pp.30 – 33.

3. Kusumawathie P.H.D., Wickremasinghe, A.R., Karunaweera, N.D.,Wijeyaratne, M.J.S. (2006). Larvivorous Potential of Fish Species Found in River Bed Pools Below the Major Dams in Sri Lanka, Journal of Medical Entomology, 43(1):

4. Kusumawathie, P.H.D., Wickremasinghe, A.R., Karunaweera, N.D. and Wijeyaratne, M.J.S. (2005). Use of Sri Lankan Larvivorous Fish Species in Mosquito Control. Programme and Proceedings, National Symposium on Mosquito Control, Eds. S.H.P.Parakrama Karunaratne. September 15 & 16, 2005. University Of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Hitihamillage Ranmalee Sajeewanie Bandara
Publications – Most Relevant

1. Bandara, R., Walker, J.P., Rüdiger, C. and Merlin, O.: 2015. Towards soil property retrieval from space: An application with disaggregated satellite observations, Journal of Hydrology,522, 582-593, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2015.01.018.

2. Bandara, R., Walker, J.P. and Rüdiger, C.: 2014. Towards soil property retrieval from space: Proof of concept using in-situ observations, Journal of Hydrology, 512, 27-38,doi:.10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.02.031.

3. Bandara, R., Walker, J.P. and Rüdiger, C.: 2013. Towards soil property retrieval from space: A one-dimensional twin-experiment. Journal of Hydrology, 497, 198-207, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2013. 06.004.

4. Peischl, S., Walker, J., Rüdiger, C., Ye, N., Kerr, Y., Kim, E., Bandara, R. and Allahmoradi, M.: 2012. The AACES field experiments: SMOS calibration and validation across the Murrumbidgee River catchment, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 16, pp. 1697-1708, doi: 10.5194/hess-16-1697-2012.

Other Publications

1. PI JC, Bandara R, Liyanaarachchi S, Nawarathna B, Yahiya Z. Assessing Drought and Enabling Adaptation through Rain Water Harvesting.

2. Bandara, R. “Development of a Soil Hydraulic Parameter Estimator.” Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2013).

3. Adhikari, S., Liyanaarachchi, S., Chandimala, J., Nawarathna, B.K., Bandara, R., Yahiya, Z. and Zubair, L.: 2010. Rainfall prediction based on the relationship between rainfall and El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), Journal of National Science Foundation Sri Lanka, 38 (4), 249-255.

S. S. K. Chandrasekara
Publications – Most Relevant

1. Chandrasekara, S.S.K., Chandrasekara, S.K., V. Prasanna and Kwon, H.H. (In Press). Investigation the teleconnection between warm ENSO phases and seasonal rainfall over Kotmale catchment in Sri Lanka. Engineer, Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka.

2. Chandrasekara, S.S.K., Uranchimeg, S., Kwon, H.H. and Lee, S.O. (Under Review). Coastal flood disaster in Sri Lanka-May 2017: Exploring distributional changes in rainfall and their impacts on flood risk. Journal of Coastal Research, Republic of Korea.

3. Chandrasekara, S.S.K., Uranchimeg, S. and Kwon, H.H. (2017). Quantile regression analysis: A novel approach to determine distributional changes in rainfall over Sri Lanka. Proceedings of Korea Water Resources Association. Pp. 228-232. Available at:

4. Sewwandhi Chandrasekara, Venkatraman Prasanna and Hyun-Han Kwon. (2017). Monitoring Water Resources over Kotmale reservoir in Sri Lanka using ENSO phases. Advanced in Meteorology, Available at:

5. Lareef Zubair, Sarath P. Nissanka, W. M. W. Weerakoon, Dumindu I. Herath, Asha S. Karunaratne, A. S. M. Prabodha, M. B. Agalawatte, Rasnayaka M. Herath, S. Zeenas Yahiya, B. V. R. Punyawardhene, Janan Visvanathan, Punya Delpitiya, A. Erandika N. Wijekoon, Janaka Gunaratna, Sewwandhi S. K. Chandrasekara, P. Wickramagamage, K. D. N. Weerasinghe, Champa M. Navaratne, Ruchika S. Perera, Asela I. Gunesekara, G. M. Pradeep Kumara, Daniel Wallach, Roberto O. Valdivia, and Sonali McDermid (2015) Climate Change Impacts on Rice Farming Systems in Northwestern Sri Lanka. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. ICP Series on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation: Volume 3. pp. 315-352.ISBN: 978-1-78326-563-3

Other Publications

1. Herath, D.I., De Alwis, A.E.N., Agalawatte, A.S.M.P.M.B., Harischandra, Y. Chandrasekara, S.S.K., Yahiya, Z., Zubair, L. and Samaratunga, P.A. (2013). Simulating Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Rice Farming Systems: Trailing a Novel Integrated Methodology for Kadawaramulla, Kurunegala. Peradeniya Economics Research Symposium (PERS), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. 1 P 38-42.

2. Chandrasekara, S.S.K., Yahiya, Z., Agalawatte, P., Weerasekera, M., Zubair, L., Nawaratna, B. and Bell, M. (2013). Experimental climate services for water management in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Sri Lanka Water Convention 2013. Conference Proceedings. National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka. ISBN 978-955-4731-00-4. P 37-41.

3. Chandrasekara, S.S.K. (2013). Assessment of legislative and institutional mechanism for the rive reservations in Sri Lanka: Case Study in GeliOya. Symposium on “PingaOya”, Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology, Sri Lanka. P 8-10.

4. Zubair, L., Yahiya, Z., Chandrasekara, S.S.K., Agalawatte, P. and Bell, M. (2013). Weather and Climate services for PingaOya. Symposium on “PingaOya”, Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology, Sri Lanka. P 13-14.

5. Chandrasekara, S.S.K. and Gunawardena, E.R.N. (2011). Effectiveness of existing laws and regulations to prevent encroachment of stream reservations. Tropical Agricultural Research. Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. Sri Lanka 22 (2): 134- 143.

Publications – Most Relevant

1. Weerasekera, S.J.W.W.M.M.P., Adhikari, S., Yahiya, Z. A , (2010) Geographic Information System based Technique to Analyze Dengue Risk at District Level, 2nd National Symposium on Disaster Management, Colombo,Sri Lanka

2. Weerasekera, M ,Wickramanayake, L., (2013), Rainfall Variability in Yala and Maha Seasons in the Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka during 1941-1970 and 1971-2000, 2ndInternational Research Conference in Humanities & Social Sciences 2013 (IRCHS 2013), University of Sri Jayawardhanapura, Sri Lanka.

3. S.S.K. Chandrasekara, Z. Yahiya, P. Agalawatte, M. Weerasekera, L. Zubair and Badra Nawaratna (2013) Experimental Operational Hydro-Climatic Monitoring and Prediction by the Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology, Conference to Mark the World Water Day 2013“Sri Lanka Water Convention 2013”, BMICH, Sri Lanka.

4. Ratnayake, S., Ratnayake,W., and Weerasekera, M., (2013) Time series model for monthly rainfall – a case study for Pinga Oya Catchment, Katugasthota, Sri Lanka, Symposium on Pinga Oya, Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

5. Wickramanayake, L., and Weerasekera, M., (2012) Seasonal and Temporal Rainfall Variability in the Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka during 1941-1970 and 1971-2000, Annual Faculty Symposium, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Other Publications

1. Yahiya, Z, Adhikari, S., Weerasekera S.J.W.W.M.M.P., Zubair, L, (2011) The Impact of El Nino and La Nina on Maha rice production, Area and Yield in Sri Lanka, Paper presented in the Seminar on Indian Northeast Monsoon- Recent Advances and Evolving Concepts, Chennai,India.

2. Weerasekera S.J.W.W.M.M.P, Rathnasuriya, M.I.G. (2017). Exploring the spatial distribution to analyze the spatial variability of catch compositions of three major billfish species; Sword fish (Xiphias gladius), Black marlin (Makaira indica) and Sail fish (Istiophorus platypterus) from high seas multi-day fishery in Sri Lanka, Paper presented at the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) 15thWorking Party Meeting on Bill Fish, 10–14 September 2017, San Sebastian, Spain.

3. Weerasekera S.J.W.W.M.M.P, Rathnasuriya, M.I.G, Jayasinghe R.P.P.K, Senevirathne S.C.V.U, Maldeniya, R.R.C and Amarakoon A.A.D.G.U (2017). A preliminary study on potential fishery for octopus in Sri Lanka using newly introduced fishing gear, Proceedings of National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency Scientific Session, 2017,Colombo 15, Sri Lanka.

4. K.G.S. Nirbadha, K.H.K. Bandaranayake, M.I.G.Rathnasuriya, S.S.K .Haputhantri, Weerasekera, S.J.W.W.M.M.P. and A.S.H. Athukoorala, (2016) “Feeding habits and food composition of adult Blue Swimming Crabs (Portunus pelagicus) in the Northern Coastal Waters of Sri Lanka” 22ndAnnual Scientific Sessions, Sri Lanka Association for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

5. K.H.K. Bandaranayake, K.G.S. Nirbadha, M.I.G.Rathnasuriya, A.S.H. Athukoorala, H.A.C.C. Perera, S.J.W.W.M.M.P. Weerasekera and S.S.K. Haputhantri, (2016) “Integrating some aspects of reproductive biology into the management of Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus) fishery in the Northern Coastal Waters of Sri Lanka” 22ndAnnual Scientific Sessions,Sri Lanka Association for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Colombo, Sri Lanka.