Impacts of climate variability and change on tea plantations in the hill country

This project was designed and proposed by the scientist from Tropical Climate and Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology (FECT),together with our partners at the University of Peradeniya, to assess the impacts of climate on the Tea Plantation Systems in Sri Lanka. The project focuses primarily on the impacts on tea production, yield and quality. The research will take place in the hill country estates that are under Dilmah for a detailed study. The duration of this project will be from December 2017 to December 2018 and be sponsored by Dilmah Conservation for this period 

Project title: Impacts of climate variability and change on tea plantations in the hill country

Future work: The project will also focus on the impacts on water resources, renewable energy supply, health, land management, logistics, wildlife and disaster risk of the plantation system.

About Dilmah: Dilmah Tea, one of Sri Lanka‚Äôs most recognized Tea Brands, has recently developed a climate observatory and Climate Research Program under Dilmah Conservation Center for Climate Change Research & Adaptation.


1. Assessing climate information needs/resources for Tea sector 

2. Obtaining Tea sector data for climate analysis 

3. Obtaining climate data for Tea sector needs 

4. Understanding climate diagnostics 

5. Assessing climate impacts on Tea 

6. Communication and dissemination of output 

Expected outputs:

1.Producing reports on needs assessment, knowledge resources and gaps in the Tea Sector 

2. Collection, compilation and assessment of available and essential tea related data, metadata on plantations. 

3. Collection, compilation and assessment of available metadata on climate, environment and tea. 

4. Reports on climatological analysis on historical seasonal and inter-annual variability of rainfall and temperature. 

5. Statistical model on climate impact and tea production. 

6.Weekly climate reports and customized weather (climate histories) for early adopters.